Sunday, 18 July 2010

Like the Proverbial...

One of the great joys in life is coming across an actual proverbial situation. I experienced such a joy this morning at the swimming pool*.

I suppose one of the hazards of going to a toddler session at the pool is, ahem, little accidents. Swim nappies are supposed to keep everything tightly wrapped up, but obviously today either someone suffered a containment failure or forgot to bring one. There we were, minding our own business in the pool when (cue the tuba) a small, but perfectly formed turd came floating towards us. We leaped into action and scarpered over the other side of the pool. But ten minutes later the damn thing was with us again. We kept moving and it kept following us, like some sort of germ laden brown dog. We finally managed to get away from it after about twenty minutes.

Let's just say, it wasn't very welcome.

*The proverb of course being "too many turds spoil the broth."

Monday, 12 July 2010

Money for Nothing

I was the glad recipient of some free money, from the Inland Revenue no less. Well, when I say I, what I actually mean is my company. I was a bit perplexed at first and so was my accountant, especially as the accompanying letter, terse though it was, explained it was interest due to me. Why on earth were the Inland Revenue paying me interest I wondered?

After a bit of thinking the accountant finally worked out that it was because I'd paid my corporation tax before it was due. I was quite pleased about this because the only reason I'd paid it early was because the interest rate on my bank account was the princely rate of 0.0%. So in fact, I got a better rate from the revenue than I did from the bank.